Europe is one of the most exotic places to visit. Countless visitors pay a visit to Europe to feel the serenity in the environment and the calmness of the great castles. Europe is not just rich in history, but in culture as well. This lushness in history and the depth of the culture can be seen in the various places in Europe. People usually are more drawn towards the calmness side of their nature, and the atmosphere is easy to cope up with. This actually makes the entire Europe, a perfect eye catching destination among the visitors who travel to Europe in an enormous amount.



Here are the top five places in Europe; you sure want to plan a trip to this coming vacation;

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Zlatni rat beach, Bol, Croatia:

World is filled with beaches scattered all over. The tranquility of the of sea breeze and the relaxing therapy that one would crave for, while walking bare foot on the sand – is something you don’t want to miss on your trip to a beach. Located on the south island of Bra, it is on the 2 Km of the distance from west Bol harbor. Also known as The Golden Horn Beach, the places is also known for the beautiful white pebble beach, due to its beautiful natural occurrence. Surmounted by the lush pine grove, Zlatni rat beach of Bol – is something you definitely want to pay a visit to on your next travel to Europe.



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This beautiful country of Europe has lot perks for you in store. Being one of the most exotic places in the entire Europe, this place is good known for attracting visitors all across the world, with its before and aftermath events of renaissance. The outstanding Charles Bridge is something to never miss on a travel tour to Prague. This old monument is built by the then empire King Charles IV. Apart from that, the old cathedral Vetus and old Astronomical Clock add seven stars to the beauty of the place. Prague is definitely a wish come true for the die-hard travelers.



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There is no question about it that Europe is the best place to visit, especially when you are planning to spend your vacations with passion. Talk about passion, Bruges is something you don’t want to miss in the first place, if you really want to visit a place which is declared for World Heritage by UNESCO. Built in 1376, the place is the capital of Belgium. Ruled over hundreds of years by the then government – Bruges is a perfect place to witness the rich in history background.




This beautiful city is a perfect combination of wildlife and human creativity. The beautiful yet the strong castles, that still talk about the richness of the history – on the other hand, the beautiful wildlife, shows the glimpse of beauty of the Mother Nature. In simple words, this beautiful city of Perthshire can be summed up in three words “most exotic place”.

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