Planning Your Trip for Caribbean Islands ? Here are 5 best places of Caribbean Islands.

If you ever fantasized Caribbean Island, you must be the one coming from “Pirates of the Caribbean” – movie franchise. Or, the interpretation above is completely wrong and you truly admire the beauty of the Mother Nature and guess what; Caribbean Island has it all. Here are top 5 exotic tourist locations in Caribbean Islands;

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  • Vincent and the Grenadines:

    Made up of around 32 islands and cays, this beautiful place is found in the midst of the heart of Caribbean Sea. Visiting this place is no less than an adventure and a fun enriched ride altogether. St. Vincent And The Grenadines Island has everything you need. From water sports to the trip to the rainforest, this place has everything that a die-hard traveler demands for. This place is also famous for its luxurious treatment and a decent chain of luxurious hotels to satisfy your traveling taste buds like anything.

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  • Haiti:

    On a distance of 7 hours and 35 minutes of flight from NYC, this beautiful island is a perfect one that you would choose to on your next vacation. In a miss happening that occurred back in 2010, the country paid an enormous price to the natural atrocity with lives, livestock and infrastructure. Haiti is known to be one of the favorite places of travelers, who want to feel the serenity in the midst of the heart of the sea. Although, it took a lot of time for this beautiful country to get back up, the tourism here surfaced again, as one of the biggest ever recorded in the history of Haiti. 

  • Anguilla:

    At a distance of 5 hours and 2 minutes from NYC, this place has all the goodness of the nature, which the beautiful Gaya has to offer. Anguilla is a perfect place for romance to rekindle. On a personal note, this place has so much love that if you are dealing with the marriage issue, Anguilla could be your best source of healing. Travelers are often seeing enjoying sun-bathing and swimming. And when it comes to swimming, how about swimming with a beautiful creature in the world – dolphin? Yes, the organizers here, also arranges your swimming session with one of the most intelligent creature and a sea mammal – Dolphin.

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  • Grenada:

    At around 6 hours and 10 minutes of distance from NYC, this beautiful island of Grenada in the Caribbean Sea is something to admire and something to love. This European influenced, beautiful place is one of the finest places to hunt for spices. Also known as the spice island, Grenada is now home to mountain terrains and other activities. This beautiful place offers you biking, fishing and also if you truly want test your bravery skills, the organizers here can also manage a deep diving with shark session for you.

  • Cuba:

    Last but not least in our list is Cuba. If you truly want to witness the culture and richness in history, this would be your best buy. Falling on our list in the last – they do not say it for nothing “wait until the fat lady sings” – this beautiful country truly is the fat lady among the opera singers. This beautiful country has nothing but a wide range of diversity to offer. With countless travelers paying a visit here every day, Cuba is one of the best tourist destination that you sure want to pay a visit to with your loved ones.

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This the list of the few of the most exotic islands on Caribbean, which you would definitely want to plan to visit, on your next trip to beautiful and exotic Latin America.

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